Becoming a Supplier

Working with integrity and professionalism.



GLOMCO requires for every future supplier to submit the documents that allow compliance with legal and quality standards required by the company..



Reception and Verification


Our commercial department receives the documents sent by the applicant and sends them to the compliance officer who is in charge of fully validating the required documentation.

If the applicant meets all the requirements needed by the compliance officer, he will assess the risk factors of the people, the origin and traceability of the mineral.



Once the compliance process is completed, GLOMCO will issue a final concept of the applicant’s approval status.
















  • This Vendor / customer Registration form duly filled and printed in Company's Letterhead. 
  • Copy of the Tax ID registration form or Tax document 
  • Certificate of Company's existence and legal representation issued by a local authority or chamber of commerce. 
  • Bank Certification 
  • Financial statements level 4 of the last two (2) years in US $ Dollar 
  • Income declaration 
  • Certification of Stock Composition (If applicable), signed by the Statutory Auditor or legal representative 
  • Copy of Tax ID of the accountant and fiscal auditor 
  • Copy of the identification card of the legal representative 
  • Two commercial references


* The requested documents can change according to each case