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Teak has a golden-brown color and is one of the most appreciated wood of the world thanks to its durability and resistance, due to its natural oils which makes it impermeable and resistant to insect attacks.


Our Teak is produced in 9 different departments of Colombia. The measures of the Teak for commercialization are: Length from 2.5 to 5 meter and a circumference of 90 centimeters. We are able to provide Teak according to our client’s needs.


Tectona Grandis.

Patula Pine

(Pinus Patula)​

Patula Pine


The Pine Pinus Patula is highly desired in construction and ornamental field because of its excellent finish.


The Pine is produced in 6 different regions of Colombia. It is a coniferous tree, with a straight and conical trunk with circumference between 40 to 150 centimeters.



Caribbean Pine (Pinus Caribaea)


This type of Pine is native from Central America and the north part of South America.

This wood is highly demanded for palettes, pulpwood production and wood chips for particleboards fiberboards and chipboards.

We are able to provide the costumer any presentation he needs: raw wood, sawed wood, pallet kits, wood chips, peeled and pointed posts/shelves, and tongue & groove.

Caribbean Pine

(Pinus Caribaea)​