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Glomco is an international trading company based in Bogota, Colombia. Our goal is to contribute with the development of the country’s agricultural, forestry and mining chain, maintaining always our commitment to respecting the environment and social responsibility with the less favored communities. We are committed to replicating our values of integrity, respect and good practices, with our customers and suppliers.

We have the firm intention of collaborating directly and actively through encouragements in agriculture, business, culture and social development in all communities that provide us with resources. We have the vision of converting C.I Global Multi Commodities S.A.S into a global company, of national pride, that lasts over the years and is inheritable to our children and grandchildren.


C.I Global Multi Commodities S.A.S is engaged in commercializing and promoting Colombian products abroad, focusing in minerals, food, timber and agricultural inputs; opening new market segments and positioning the Colombian products in a professional and reliable way, assuring the development of the productive chain.​


C.I Global Multi Commodities S.A.S works hard to be recognized as the leading international marketer of Colombian products abroad, through the implementation of good practices and transparency in the development of our commercial activities and consolidating ourselves as a self-sustaining company, which awakens patriotic pride in all our fellow citizens.

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Integrity and Transparency We act with clarity, loyalty, integrity and ethics in all of our negotiations. Generate credibility and trust to our customers and suppliers is a priority.​

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