Social Responsibility

The search for an economic benefit nowadays is no longer the first and only interest. New objectives are gaining importance in the business world: social responsibility, environmental care and the preservation of natural resources. The business world is evolving from a purely economic strategic focus, to an increasingly social and environmental approach, with a high degree of commitment to sustainability, including the different groups that are part of the production and commercial processes.


The continuous changes in the market and consumer’s needs, pollution, scarcity of resources and raw materials favor the search for new ways to preserve Colombia's natural heritage and push companies to develop sustainable economies that guarantee long-term environmental and economical sustainability.

Social responsibility within our company

Social responsibility in our company is not only focused on generating added value or obtaining better financial results, but is also focused in engaging internal actors such as employees and shareholders, and external actors such as customers, suppliers and distributors. We are all aligned in such a way that the vision and mission of the company, achieve synergy at all levels, with the care and preservation of resources, the environment and the community.

Our main contribution is to cooperate with the fulfillment of the Rights of the Miners and the formalization of their work. We want to go hand in hand with their social development, supporting initiatives of agriculture, reforestation and sustainable businesses for the women who are heads of household.